Deliver Us from Evil Trailer

Deliver Us from Evil Trailer (1979)

14 February 1979 Drama 96 mins

Winter of 1944, the last days of the war. When the roads and houses ceased to exist and the bottom of the cellars become filled with life, when fortunes were lost and countries burned up, her used coat was only important to Mama, the cloak-room servant of a local dance-school. Her son stole it to sell it for twenty pengő. He did it because Aranka Fussbaum's love cost money. There is no honour left in such a destroyed world. Yet still they start looking for that coat... (Elemér Ragályi won Best camera with this movie in Montreal, 1979, and in Budapest, 1980.)

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Róbert Rátonyi

as Végvári T. Dezső

Tamás Major

as Igazgató úr

Ági Margitai

as Fussbaum Aranka

Péter Andorai

as Antal, a katona

András Kern

as Adorján András

Erzsébet Kútvölgyi

as Adorján Zsuzsi

Dezső Garas

as Svéd Feri

Irén Psota

as Adorjánné, mama

International Releases Dates

Hungary 14 February 1979

Production Companies

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