Legends of the Superheroes Trailer

Legends of the Superheroes Trailer (1979)

18 January 1979 120 mins

The adventures of many of DC Comics greatest superheroes and villains. In the first episode, The Challenge, the superheroes must race against time to stop the diabolical super-villains' plot to destroy the world. In the second episode, The Roast, the superheroes pay tribute to Batman and Robin in the form of a roast which even the villains attend.

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United States 18 January 1979

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The DC Heroes introduced ....

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See Batman (Adam West) Robin (Burt Ward) and Ed McMahon versus the villains in the in the 1970's TV cult classic LEGENDS OF THE SUPERHEROES arriving for the FIRST TIME EVER on DVD


See Batman (Adam West) Robin (Burt Ward) and Ed McMahon versus the villains in the in the 1970's TV cult favorite LEGENDS OF THE SUPERHEROES arriving for the FIRST TIME EVER on DVD

'Legends of the Superheroes' Review

Back in 1979 Hanna-Barbara attempted to capitalize on the success of its Saturday morning cartoon series based on the 'Justice League of America'. The company's efforts resulted in two

Robin Crashes The Batmobile Legends of the Superheroes

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