Uncommon Women and Others Trailer

Uncommon Women and Others Trailer (1979)

20 June 1979 Drama 90 mins

Women who attended college together reunite for lunch and talk about their current lives and college days.

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Jill Eikenberry

as Kate Quin

Ann McDonough

as Samantha Stewart

Alma Cuervo

as Holly Kaplan

Ellen Parker

as Muffet DiNicola

Swoosie Kurtz

as Rita Altabel

Josephine Nichols

as Mrs. Plumm

Cynthia Herman

as Susie Friend

Meryl Streep

as Leilah

Anna Levine

as Carter

Alexander Scourby

as Narrator (voice)

International Releases Dates

United States 20 June 1979

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Uncommon Women and Others

Oscar winner Meryl Streep Swoosie Kurtz and Jill Eikenberry star as former classmates at a reunion seven years after their graduation from Mount Holyoke College who assess whether they


Theatre Erindale Wendy Wasserstein's Uncommon Women and Others Directed by Diana Leblanc Opens Jan22nd at Erindale Studio Theatre Shot by Jim Smagata Edited by John Wamsley Music:...

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