Cabo Blanco Trailer

Cabo Blanco Trailer (1980)

"Caboblanco. Where legends are born." 13 March 1980 Adventure, Drama, Romance 90 mins

Giff Hoyt , a cafe owner in Cabo Blanco, Peru after World War II is caught between refuge-seeking Nazis and their enemies. After the murder of a sea explorer is passed off as accidental death by the corrupt local police, Giff becomes suspicious. The police chief also intimidates a new arrival Marie, and Giff intervenes to help her. Giff suspects Beckdorff, a Nazi refugee living in the area. Beckdorff, it emerges, is seeking to uncover sunken treasure.

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Charles Bronson

as Gifford Hoyt

Dominique Sanda

as Marie-Claire Allesandri

Simon MacCorkindale

as Lewis Clarkson

Jason Robards

as Gunther Beckdorff

Fernando Rey

as Police Captain Torredo

Gilbert Roland

as Rudolfo Ramirez

James Booth

as John Baker

Clifton James

as Lorrimer


Lance Hool

Lance Hool Producer

Paul Joseph

Paul Joseph Producer

Jerry Goldsmith

Original Music Composer

Alex Phillips

Alex Phillips Director of Photography

Álex Phillips Jr.

Álex Phillips Jr. Director of Photography

International Titles

Der Schatz von Caboblanco Trailer

Caboblanco Trailer

International Releases Dates

United States 13 March 1980

Production Companies

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This episode features the incredible birding of the dry forests of northwest Peru. We also trace the footsteps of Hemmingway and visit the rich fishing history of Cabo Blanco. Featuring

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Cabo Blanco . Crime . Films . 1980

Offshore near Caboblanco Peru an explorer of sea wrecks is murdered. However local authorities decide that the official cause of death is "accidental drowning." Among the skeptical is

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