Coast to Coast Trailer

Coast to Coast Trailer (1980)

"Either way, love will win in the end." 03 October 1980 Drama, Comedy, Romance 95 mins

Madie is a neurotic, wealthy woman who escapes from a New York state mental hospital where her unwholesome husband had her committed to avoid the trial of a expensive divorce. Madie hitches a ride back to California with a certain Charles Callahan, a debt-ridden truck driver. Madie and Charles eventually fall in love while evading an assortment of bad guys including a pair of thugs hired by Madie's husband to prevent her from returning to California, and a repo man sent to reclaim Charles' truck

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Dyan Cannon

as Madie Levrington

Robert Blake

as Charles Callahan

Quinn K. Redeker

as Benjamin Levrington

Michael Lerner

as Dr. Frederick Froll

Maxine Stuart

as Sam Klinger

Ellen Gerstein

as Nurse #1

Patricia Conklin

as Nurse #2

David Moody

as Chester

Rozelle Gayle

as Orderly

Martin Beck

as Albert

Karen Rushmore

as Callahan's Wife

Mae Williams

as Waitress at Truckstop

George P. Wilbur

as Billy Ray

Tom Pletts

as Attendant


Mario Tosi

Mario Tosi Director of Photography

Charles Bernstein

Original Music Composer

Steve Tisch

Steve Tisch Producer

Jon Avnet

Jon Avnet Producer

Terry Carr

Terry Carr Executive Producer

Vince Cannon

Vince Cannon Associate Producer

Sandy Davidson

Sandy Davidson Costume Design

Hilyard M. Brown

Hilyard M. Brown Art Direction

Ira Bates

Ira Bates Set Decoration

Edle Bakke

Edle Bakke Script Supervisor

Milton Lustig

Milton Lustig Music Editor

International Releases Dates

United States 03 October 1980

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