Oblomov Trailer

Oblomov Trailer (1980)

08 September 1980 Drama, Comedy, Romance 140 mins

St. Petersburg, mid 19th century: the indolent, middle-aged Oblomov lives in a flat with his older servant, Zakhar. He sleeps much of the day, dreaming of his childhood on his parents' estate. His boyhood companion, Stoltz, now an energetic and successful businessman, adds Oblomov to his circle whenever he's in the city, and Oblomov's life changes when Stoltz introduces him to Olga, lovely and cultured. When Stoltz leaves for several months, Oblomov takes a country house near Olga's, and she determines to change him: to turn him into a man of society, action, and culture. Soon, Olga and Oblomov are in love; but where, in the triangle, does that leave Stoltz?

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Oleg Tabakov

as Ilya Ilyich Oblomov

Yuri Bogatyryov

as Andrei Ivanovich Stoltz

Andrei Popov

as Zakhar

Andrei Razumovsky

as Ilya as a child

Oleg Kozlov

as Stoltz as a child

Yelena Kleshchevskaya

as Katya (as Ye. Kleshchevskaya)

Galina Shostko

as Olga's aunt (as G. Shostko)

Gleb Strizhenov

as The Baron (as G. Strizhenov)

Evgeniy Steblov

as Oblomov's father (as Ye. Steblov)

Evgeniya Glushenko

as Oblomov's mother (as Ye. Glushenko)

Nikolai Pastukhov

as Stoltz's father (as N. Pastukhov)

Oleg Basilashvili

as (as O. Basilashvili)

Ruslan Akhmetov

as (as R. Akhmetov)

Fyodor Stukov

as ( A. Kharitonov)


Pavel Lebeshev

Pavel Lebeshev Cinematography

Pavel Lebeshev

Pavel Lebeshev Director of Photography

Eduard Artemev

Original Music Composer

Aleksandr Adabashyan

Aleksandr Adabashyan Production Design

Aleksandr Samulekin

Aleksandr Samulekin Production Design

N. Minayeva

N. Minayeva Makeup Artist

V. Fridman

V. Fridman Production Manager

Willie Geller

Willie Geller Production Manager

Valentin Bobrovsky

Valentin Bobrovsky Sound Engineer

International Titles

Several days from the life of I. I. Oblomov Trailer

Neskolko Dney iz Zhizni I.I. Oblomova Trailer

Neskolko dney iz zhizni I.I. Oblomova Trailer

Oblomov Trailer

International Releases Dates

Russia 08 September 1980

United States 01 October 1980

Production Companies

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Neskolko dney iz zhizni I.I. Oblomova (1980) Oblomov Türkçe Altyazılı and English Subtitles

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OBLOMOV (1980 Nyikita Mihalkov)

Amikor Oblomov elalszik és lekési a randit. De azért meglesi hogy mit csinálnak (ott).

Oblomov trailer

TICKETS: Oblomov. Vanaf januari 2017 op de Zolder.



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