The Changeling Trailer

The Changeling Trailer (1980)

" experience beyond total fear." 27 March 1980 Horror, Thriller 107 mins

A man staying at a secluded historical mansion, finds his life being haunted by the presence of a spectre.

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George C. Scott

as John Russell

Trish Van Devere

as Claire Norman

Melvyn Douglas

as Sen. Joseph Carmichael

Jean Marsh

as Joanna Russell

John Colicos

as Captain DeWitt

Barry Morse

as Dr. Pemberton

Madeleine Sherwood

as Mrs. Norman

Frances Hyland

as Mrs. Elizabeth Grey

Helen Burns

as Leah Harmon

Ruth Springford

as Minnie Huxley

Eric Christmas

as Albert Harmon

Roberta Maxwell

as Eva Lingstrom

Bernard Behrens

as Prof. Robert Lingstrom

James B. Douglas

as Eugene Carmichael

J. Kenneth Campbell

as Security Guard


Peter Medak


Mario Kassar

Mario Kassar Executive Producer

Andrew G. Vajna

Andrew G. Vajna Executive Producer

Rick Wilkins

Original Music Composer

John Coquillon

John Coquillon Director of Photography

Trevor Williams

Trevor Williams Production Design

Reuben Freed

Reuben Freed Art Direction

International Titles

El intermediario del diablo Trailer

Al Final de la Escalera Trailer

International Releases Dates

Canada 27 March 1980

Spain 25 November 1980

France 29 October 1980

United States 28 March 1980

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The Changeling Trailer

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The Changeling (1980)

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