Blink Stefaans Trailer

Blink Stefaans Trailer (1981)

22 June 1981 Comedy, Romance

Fanus is a nerdy sound technician who is never noticed by anyone, and especially not by the boss’s pretty but temperamental daughter, Linda. All this changes with the arrival of alter ego 'Blink Stefaans', who has plenty of advice for Fanus, from how to be more assertive to how to dress. 'Blink' translates to bright or shiny. Suddenly Fanus life changes into a roller-coaster ride of ups and downs. Blink Stefaans, in this gentle romantic comedy.

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Regardt van den Bergh

as Fanus / Blink Stefaans

Zoli Marki

as Chrissie Hofmeyer

Jana Cilliers

as Linda Rossouw

George Ballot

as Louis van Schalkwyk

Zack du Plessis

as JP de Villiers

Dana Niehaus

as 'Konsertina' Rossouw

At Botha

as Herman Engelbrecht

Trix Pienaar

as Ballet Mistress

Janice Honeyman

as Advertising Agent

Willie Esterhuizen

as Dog Trainer

Paul Malherbe

as Magistrate

Mijanou Louwens

as June (Poplap)

Flip Theron

as Jakes

Fran Faulkner

as Bokkie

International Releases Dates

South Africa 22 June 1981

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Blink Stefaans (1981)

Regardt van den Bergh as Fanus en Blink Stefaans (sy hanerige alter ego). Zoli Marki as Chrissie Jana Cilliers as Linda George Ballot At Botha.

Blink Stefaans - 'n Sprokiesparadys

Blink Stefaans full hd movie trailer.

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