Chariots of Fire Trailer

Chariots of Fire Trailer (1981)

"This is the story of two men who run...not to run...but to prove something to the world. They will sacrifice anything to achieve their goals...Except " 15 May 1981 Drama, History 123 mins

The true story of British athletes preparing for and competing in the 1924 Summer Olympics.

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Ben Cross

as Harold Abrahams

Ian Charleson

as Eric Liddell

Cheryl Campbell

as Jennie Liddell

Alice Krige

as Sybil Gordon

Nigel Havers

as Lord Andrew Lindsay

Ian Holm

as Sam Mussabini

Nicholas Farrell

as Aubrey Montague

Daniel Gerroll

as Henry Stallard

John Gielgud

as Master of Trinity

John Gielgud

as Master of Trinity (as Sir John Gielgud)

Lindsay Anderson

as Master of Caius

Nigel Davenport

as Lord Birkenhead

Dennis Christopher

as Charles Paddock

Brad Davis

as Jackson Scholz

Patrick Magee

as Lord Cadogan

Peter Egan

as Duke of Sutherland


Hugh Hudson


David Watkin

David Watkin Director of Photography

Dodi Fayed

Dodi Fayed Executive Producer

Jake Eberts

Jake Eberts Executive Producer

Vangelis Mourikis

Original Music Composer


Original Music Composer

Jonathan Amberston

Jonathan Amberston Art Direction

Len Huntingford

Len Huntingford Art Direction

Anna Ridley

Anna Ridley Art Direction

Andrew Sanders

Andrew Sanders Art Direction

International Titles

Carruagens de Fogo Trailer

Chariots of Fire Trailer

Οι Δρόμοι της Φωτιάς Trailer

International Releases Dates

Brazil 02 December 2003

Canada 17 September 1981

Spain 21 December 1981

France 20 May 1981

United Kingdom 15 May 1981

Italy 18 December 1981

United States 02 April 1982

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