Hum Se Badkar Kaun Trailer

Hum Se Badkar Kaun Trailer (1981)

"Who is Our Superior?" 06 March 1981 Drama, Action, Thriller 139 mins

Four young boys tragically separated from their parents and each other grow up to become four different men with divergent values and conflicting methods. Fate eventually sets their paths for a head on collision.

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Dekho logo yeh kaisa zamana RAFI & ASHA Digital Audio Hum Se Badkar Kaun 1981

Movie/album: Hum Se Badkar Kaun (1981)Singers: Asha Bhosle Mohammed Rafi Song Lyricists: Ravinder Rawal Music Composer: Raamlaxman (Vijay Patil)Music Director: Raamlaxman (Vijay Patil

hum se badkar kaun - part 5

Hum Se Badkar Kaun full hd movie trailer.

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Hum Se Badkar Kaun full hd movie trailer.

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Hum Se Badkar Kaun full hd movie trailer.

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Hum Se Badkar Kaun full hd movie trailer.

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