No Place to Hide Trailer

No Place to Hide Trailer (1981)

"A sinister, haunting tale" 04 March 1981 Drama, Horror 100 mins

Amy is the Mannings only daughter. After the death of her rich father, she lives together with her stepmother. Recently she sees a man in black following her, waiting for her in her car, wanting to kill her. The police can't help her. But who is this man in black? Is it the strange young man whom she recently dated? Or the psychologist her mother told her to visit? Or is she really insane...?

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Mariette Hartley

as Adele Manning

Kathleen Beller

as Amy Manning

Arlen Dean Snyder

as James Stockwood

Gary Graham

as David Norland

Keir Dullea

as Cliff Letterman

International Releases Dates

United States 04 March 1981

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"No Place To Hide" (1981-TV)

Made-for-TV** In this suspense thriller a young art student (Kathleen Beller) believes she is being stalked by a mysterious man who has threatened her life and finds her sanity

No place to hide 1981 trailer Kathleen Beller

A new schoolteacher in rural California is shocked to discover that her pupils possess otherworldly powers.

No Place To Hide Trailer 1993

No Place To Hide Trailer 1993 Director: Richard Danus Starring: Bruce Weitz Drew Barrymore Kris Kristofferson Martin Landau Simpson Dey Young Official Content From Cannon Home

No Place to Hide trailer (Cannon Films)

Late product from the reborn Cannon Pictures.

No Place To Hide 1981 TV Movie

Amy is the Mannings only daughter. After the death of her rich father she lives together with her stepmother. Recently she sees a man in black following her . Made-for-TV** In this

Stallone A lázadó No Place to Hide 1970

No Place to Hide full hd movie trailer.

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