Bemisal Trailer

Bemisal Trailer (1982)

24 February 1982 Drama, Family

When two twin brothers Sudhir and Adhir get orphaned upon the death of their father, Magistrate Chaturvedi adopts them and brings them up like his own children. Though Adhir goes insane after the death of his father, Sudhir picks up the opportunity, studies hard and becomes a doctor like Magistrate Chaturvedi's son Prashant. When Prashant gets caught for performing an illegal operation, Sudhir takes up the blame to repay the debt of the Chaturvedi family on him and his brother.

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International Titles

Bemisaal Trailer

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India 24 February 1982

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When two twin brothers Sudhir and Adhir get orphaned upon the death of their father Magistrate Chaturvedi adopts them and brings them up like his own children. Though Adhir goes insane

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