Monsignor Trailer

Monsignor Trailer (1982)

"Forgive me, Father for I have sinned. I have killed for my Country, I have stolen for my Church, I have loved a Woman, and I am a Priest." 22 October 1982 Drama, Crime, War 121 mins

The vows of an ambitious young American priest are tested during World War II. Not only does Father John Flaherty get involved with the black market to raise money for the Vatican, he also falls in love with a young French nun.

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Christopher Reeve

as Father John Flaherty

Fernando Rey

as Cardinal Santoni

Jason Miller

as Don Vito Appolini

Adolfo Celi

as Cardinal Vinci

Leonardo Cimino

as The Pope

Tomás Milián

as Father Francisco

Robert Prosky

as Bishop Walkman

Joe Pantoliano

as Pvt. Joe Musso

Milena Vukotic

as Sister Verna

Ian Danby

as Lieutenant

Gregory Snegoff

as 1st Soldier

Harrison Muller Jr.

as 2nd Soldier

David Mills

as Major

Joe Cortese

as Ludovico 'Lodo' Varese

Gregory Snegoff

as 1st Soldier


Frank Perry


Kurt Neumann

Kurt Neumann Associate Producer

John Williams

Original Music Composer

Billy Williams

Billy Williams Director of Photography

John DeCuir Jr.

John DeCuir Jr. Production Design

Joe Chevalier

Joe Chevalier Set Decoration

Carlo Gervasi

Carlo Gervasi Set Decoration

International Releases Dates

United States 22 October 1982

Production Companies

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