Ninja in the Claws of the CIA Trailer

Ninja in the Claws of the CIA Trailer (1982)

01 January 1982 Action, Foreign 102 mins

Kung fu champ John is given the chance to train CIA agents in martial arts by using self-hypnosis. But when he discovers the reason he escapes and the CIA go after him. John must fight for his life all over Europe as he flees the CIA.

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John Liu

as John Liu

Casanova Wong

as Johnny Wong

José María Blanco

as Army Captain

Mirta Miller

as Caroline

Gam Biu

as Mr. Chan

Roger Paschy

as Pascho

Raquel Evans

as Gisete

Víctor Israel

as Doctor Stahl


John Liu


International Titles

Kung Fu Emmanuelle Trailer

Made in China Trailer

International Releases Dates

United States 01 January 1982

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Ninja in the Claws of the Cia (aka Kung Fu Emanuelle) 1982 - Selected scenes

Watch some mad acting skills from the cast and enjoy a very special picnic with John Liu. Be amazed by the display of discipline Mr. Liu when he is attacked by force and love.

Ninja in the Claws of the CIA Full Movie hd stream

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