Carpool Trailer

Carpool Trailer (1983)

05 October 1983 100 mins

Four strangers are thrown together in a carpool when a bag of money, almost a million dollars, falls from a Brinks truck into their path. Because of circumstances, they are unable to turn in the money, and they struggle over what to do. They are pursued by thieves, the mob, and the police.

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Harvey Korman

as Wendell Brooks

Peter Scolari

as Robert Duff

T. K. Carter

as Otis Vaughan

Ernest Borgnine

as Mickey Doyle

Stephanie Faracy

as Jennifer O'Connor

Chuck McCann

as Detective Ryan


International Titles

Carpool - Ein Geldsack auf Reisen Trailer

Transports en commun Trailer

International Releases Dates

United States 05 October 1983

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