Paayum Puli Trailer

Paayum Puli Trailer (1983)

14 January 1983 Drama, Action, Romance

When a smuggler kills his sister, a mentally impaired man (Rajnikanth) vows to deliver justice and joins a martial arts school. He trains hard there to become a master fighter, honing his fighting skills. Taking on a new identity, Paayum Puli (Pouncing Tiger), he sets off for revenge, but a beautiful woman (Radha) soon puts a hitch in his plans. Manorama, Silk Smitha and Jaishankar also star in this action-packed movie.

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This soundtrack as composed by maestro ilaiyaraaja for the 1983 tamil film 'paayum puli'starring inspiration from the bruce lee films of the 70's this film's score is

Paayum Puli 1983 HD

சூப்பர் ஸ்டார் ரஜினிகாந்த் ன் பாயும்புலி.

Paayum Puli chunk 2

Paayum Puli full hd movie trailer.

Paayum Puli Tamil Movie | Scenes | Jayaprakash demanded money | Vishal | Samuthirakani

Paayum Puli Tamil Movie features Vishal and Kajal Aggarwal. Directed by Suseenthiran music by D Imman and produced by Vendhar Movies. Paayum Puli movie also features Samuthirakani Soori

Paayum Puli Tamil Movie | Scenes | Vishal disposes Samuthirakani's body under bridge | End Credits

Paayum Puli Tamil Movie features Vishal and Kajal Aggarwal. Directed by Suseenthiran music by D Imman and produced by Vendhar Movies. Paayum Puli movie also features Samuthirakani Soori

Paayum Puli Tamil Movie Comedy Scenes | Rajinikanth | Radha | Manorama | API Tamil Comedy

Rajinikanth Manorama and Janagaraj comedy scenes from Paayum Puli Tamil Movie on API Tamil Comedy. Paayum Puli Tamil Movie ft. Rajinikanth and Radha in Lead roles Directed by SP Muthuraman...

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