Slayground Trailer

Slayground Trailer (1983)

"Welcome To Your Funeral!" 01 December 1983 Action, Foreign 89 mins

Stone (Peter Coyote) hits an armored truck without his usual driver. The ensuing getaway leads to the death of an innocent. The payback is swift and brutal. The wronged father hires a twisted, sociopathic assassin to avenge his loss. One by one the offenders are punished through grisly executions. Stone uses his wits to find a reclusive friend Terry (Mel Smith) just in time for a psychedelic funhouse showdown with his stalker.

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Mel Smith

as Terry Abbatt

Philip Sayer

as Costello

Bill Luhrs

as Joe Sheer

Ned Eisenberg

as Lonzini

David Hayward

as Laufman

Kelli Maroney

as Jolene

P.H. Moriarty

as Seeley

Trevor Byfield

as Sams (as Ziggy Byfield)


International Releases Dates

United Kingdom 01 December 1983

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Slayground (1983) Trailer...

Slayground (1983) Trailer.

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VHS TRAILER for Slayground (1983) Stars: Peter Coyote Mel Smith Billie Whitelaw.

"Slayground": Out on DVD 24/02/2014

A fast-paced thriller with action playing out on both sides of the Atlantic Slayground is a story of relentless pursuit savage revenge and cold-blooded murder. Starring Peter Coyote

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Slayground released in 1983 was my first movie.

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Joplin rock band.

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Slayground was my very first moviebut was released after Fast Coyote was the star.

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