Give My Regards to Broad Street Trailer

Give My Regards to Broad Street Trailer (1984)

"The Movie, The Musical, The McCartney Magic." 28 November 1984 Drama, Music, Foreign 109 mins

Having written the music and screenplay for this film, Paul McCartney also plays himself in the leading role. When the mastertape of McCartney's latest album is misplaced, he must discover its whereabouts in less than 24 hours or else risk losing his recording company to the lowlife Mr. Rath (John Bennett). McCartney performs three new songs, along with classic Beatles' tunes. Co-starring are former Beatles mate Ringo Starr as the drummer in Paul's band, Ringo's real-life wife Barbara Bach, McCartney's then wife Linda and Tracy Ullman.

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International Releases Dates

United States 28 November 1984

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Give My Regards To Broad Street (Part 1) - Paul McCartney

Part 1 of the 1984 film features Ringo Starr.

Paul Mc Cartney ( Studio Recording "Give my regards to Broad street" 1984 ) HD

Fragmento de la pelicula "Give my regards to Broad street" en la cual Paul Mc Cartney entona 3 de us clasicas canciones con nuevos arreglos que se realizaron en 1984 con la compañia del

PAUL McCARTNEY -1984 TV ad for "Give My Regards to Broad Street"

from WIKIPEDIA: "Give My Regards to Broad Street" is the soundtrack album to the 1984 film of the same name. Unlike the film the album was successful achieving number 1 in the UK chart

Give My Regards to Broad Street (1984): 1:00:30 - 1:00:40

Paul (Paul McCartney) asks "You haven't seen Harry then?" Big Bob (Luke McMasters) replies "...Hare Krishna?" Please subscribe:

Give My Regards to Broad Street Trailer (CBS FOX Pre-cert)

Give My Regards to Broad Street Trailer (CBS FOX Pre-cert) from the origonal vhs with Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr from the beatles comment like subscribe 2ombieboy.

Give My Regards To Broad Street (Part 6) - Paul McCartney

part 6 of 1984 film features Ringo Starr.

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