Guest from the Future Trailer

Guest from the Future Trailer (1984)

06 June 1984 Adventure, Sci-Fi, Family 334 mins

6-grader Kolya Gerasimov discovers a time machine in a basement of an old house in Moscow and gets transferred into the 21st century. There he is allowed to look around. Accidentally, Kolya witnesses two space pirates who arrive from Saturn and later try to steal a device called a "Mielophone" (which can read thoughts) from Alisa Seleznyova - a girl that performs experiments with this device and animals. Kolya manages to save the device from the pirates and brings it back to the 20th century. But both pirates and Alisa get there too. Alisa knows where Kolya studies but doesn't know what he looks like. Pirates saw Kolya, but don't know anything about him. Written by Boris Shafir

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Natalya Guseva

as Алиса Селезнёва

Natalya Guseva

as Alisa Seleznyova

Aleksei Fomkin

as Коля Герасимов

Aleksei Fomkin

as Kolya Gerasimov

Vyacheslav Nevinnyy

as Весельчак У

Vyacheslav Nevinnyy

as Space Pirate Veselchak U

Mikhail Kononov

as Крыс

Mikhail Kononov

as Space Pirate Krys

Yuriy Grigorev

as Professor Seleznyov

Yuriy Grigorev

as профессор Селезнёв

Georgi Burkov

as Алик Борисович

Georgi Burkov

as Alik Borisovich

Valentina Talyzina

as Мария Павловна

Valentina Talyzina

as Mariya Pavlovna

Vladimir Nosik

as Grandfather Pavel

International Titles

Gostja iz buduschego Trailer

Gostya iz budushchego Trailer

Гостья из будущего Trailer

Gostya iz budushchego Trailer

International Releases Dates

Russia 06 June 1984

United States 10 October 1984

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Guest From The Future 1985 Theme by Prekrasnoe Daleko

Guest From The Future 1985 Theme by Prekrasnoe Daleko From Wikipedia Guest from the Future (Russian: Гостья из будущего Gostya iz budushchego) is a five-part Soviet

Guest From The Future: Clip 1

Excerpt from the 1985 soviet TV series copyright Gorky Film Studios.

Guest from the future / Гостья из будущего (1984)

Гостья из будущего Год выпуска: 1984 Режиссер: Павел Арсенов В ролях: Наталья Гусева Алексей Фомкин Илья...

Гостья из будущего - Guest from the Future | клип 2016 |

14:41-18:10 Отрезок с песней от: 777kornei (YouTube). «Го́стья из бу́дущего» — советский детский пятисерийный телевизион...

Guest From the Future (Гостья из будущего) - Identification

Quality is LIMITED! (copyright) Идентификация исследуемого (Музей института времени

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