Paar Trailer

Paar Trailer (1984)

14 September 1984 Drama 141 mins

When an Untouchable wins the elections for mayor in his small village in northeastern India, deadly rioting forces an impoverished couple to escape to Calcutta where they can hopefully find work. Instead, they end up sleeping on the streets until they have a chance at earning a little income -- a man has asked them to take his herd of pigs across a fast-moving river. The current is dangerous, and worse, the wife is pregnant and this would not be an easy task even if she were not. Undaunted and desperate, the couple accept the job and enter the river to face their destiny. Both the acting and the cinematography and music are excellent in this slow-paced, but engaging drama from director Goutam Ghose.

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India 14 September 1984

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Paar full hd movie trailer.

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