V: The Final Battle Trailer

V: The Final Battle Trailer (1984)

06 May 1984 Sci-Fi 272 mins

A small group of human resistance fighters fight a desperate guerrilla war against the genocidal extra-terrestrials who dominate Earth.

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Marc Singer

as Mike Donovan

Faye Grant

as Juliet Parish

Jane Badler

as Diana

Michael Ironside

as Ham Tyler

Michael Durrell

as Robert Maxwell

Blair Tefkin

as Robin Maxwell

Blair Tefkin

as Robin Maxwell

Jason Bernard

as Caleb Taylor

Michael Wright

as Elias Taylor

Andrew Prine

as Steven

Sarah Douglas

as Pamela

Mickey Jones

as Chris Farber

Dick Miller

as Dan Pascal

International Titles

Визитёры: Последняя битва Trailer

International Releases Dates

United States 06 May 1984

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V - The Final Battle - NBC Intro

Transferred from a VHS tape made back in 1984 (I believe). This is when they broadcasted the movie over 3 days. (3 Two Hour Segments

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V The Final Battle - Part 1 Intro

V The Final Battle Part 1 Intro - NBC Narrated Recap of V The Original Miniseries (6th May 1984

V The Final Battle NBC Narrated Recap of Part I (Widescreen HD - Remake)

V The Final Battle NBC Narrated Recap of Part I (Widescreen HD - Remake) - VTMSP Like us on Facebook V - The Movie Support Page Visit Us At

Sci-fi Soundtrack - V (The Final Battle) (1984)

Composers: Joseph Conlan Barry De Vorzon Dennis McCarthy.

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