What Comes Around Trailer

What Comes Around Trailer (1985)

25 June 1985 92 mins

Country singer Joe Hawkins must fight both drug addiction and his unscrupulous manager to get back on his feet.

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Jerry Reed

as Joe Hawkins

Barry Corbin

as Leon Redden

Bo Hopkins

as Tom Hawkins

Michael Edwards

as Stage Manager


Jerry Reed


International Releases Dates

United States 25 June 1985

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WHAT COMES AROUND trailer (1986) Jerry Reed

Trailer for 1986 film written directed and starring Jerry Reed. About a fictional singer/songwriter named Joe Hawkins who is rescued by his brother from drug and alcohol abuse by his

What Comes Around Trailer

Two estranged brothers find themselves locked in a room together after several years apart.

What Comes Around (1985)

Short clip with Jerry Reed Barry Corbin and Jamey Moore. Film directed and starred Jerry Reed. Courtesy Jerry Reed Productions.

What Comes Around Trailer

Trailer for the short movie What Comes Around written and directed by Bjorn Irizarry. Co-Directed by Anghello Cano. Starring Thad Berglund and Aaron Cannada.

Jerry Reed - What Comes Around

Jerry Reed What Comes Around Soundtrack (1985) 1. I Want To 2. December Winds 3. Big Time Fool 4. You Brought Me Love 5. What Comes Around 6. What Will It Be 7. Long Haul 8.

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