Bagets Gang Trailer

Bagets Gang Trailer (1986)

25 December 1986

Official entry to the first Metro Manila Film Festival in 1986 directed by Augusto Buenaventura and starred Jinggoy Estrada, Rio Locsin, ER Ejercito, Robin Padilla, Christopher Ad. Castillo.

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Philippines 25 December 1986

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Bagets Gang (1986) Robin Padilla Jinggoy Estrada / FULL MOViE

TAGALOG ACTiON DRAMA Starring Robin Padilla Jinggoy Estrada Ejercito John Regala Rio Locsin Angelo Castro Jr. Lucita Soriano Vic Varrion Caloy Salvador Cecille Castillo...

Bagets Gang: Robin Padilla and John Regala with Jinggoy Estrada tagalog action movie

Pinoy action movie.

Pinoy Tagalog Full Movies Bagets Gang

TAGALOG ACTiON DRAMA MOVIE. Starring Robin Padilla Jinggoy Estrada Ejercito John Regala Rio Locsin Angelo Castro Jr. Lucita Soriano Vic . Rudy Fernandez. hinde puwede

Bagets Gang 1986 ✩✪ Genres: Action Comedy ✩✪ Director: Augusto Buenaventura ✩✪ Philippines Films

Philippines Films List : Bagets Gang 1986 Genres: Action Comedy Director: Director: Augusto Buenaventura Philippines Films in the Philippines derive income mainly

bagets gang 2014

The bagets gang of San Alejandro Quezon Nueva Ecija. join our facebook group and dont forget to subscribe.

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