Between Two Women Trailer

Between Two Women Trailer (1986)

10 March 1986 Drama 120 mins

When shy school teacher Val and Harry, the son of an aged opera singer, get married, Val quickly discovers that Harry's mother, Barbara, is not very happy with their union. In fact, Barbara tries to separate the couple. But, when Barbara suffers a debilitating stroke, Val's compassion and empathy mend the rift between two women, giving Barbara the will to survive. But will Barbara learn to love her daughter-in-law?

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Farrah Fawcett

as Val Petherton

Colleen Dewhurst

as Barbara Petherton

Michael Nouri

as Harry Petherton

Bridgette Andersen

as Kate Petherton

Danny Corkill

as Sandy Petherton

Steven Hill

as Teddy Petherton

Terry O'Quinn

as Dr. Wallace


Jon Avnet


Jon Avnet

Jon Avnet Executive Producer

Gayne Rescher

Gayne Rescher Director of Photography

International Releases Dates

United States 10 March 1986

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