Demon Queen Trailer

Demon Queen Trailer (1986)

01 January 1986 Horror 70 mins

A female vampire goes on a rampage seeking blood.

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United States 01 January 1986

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Demon Queen (1986) by Donald Farmer

Demon Queen full hd movie trailer.

Movies to Watch on a Rainy Afternoon- "Demon Queen (1986)"

The mysterious and lecherous Lucinda is the cold-as-ice soul-devouring evil embodiment of the Demon Queen. She's a sinister and murderous succubus ...

The Demon Queen Trailer

Here's a trailer I edited with my music. The film takes place in old Japan where an ancient prophecy of a demon coming to inhabit a beautiful woman comes true.

Massacre Video presents Donald Farmer's Demon Queen

Coming soon from Massacre Video in DVD and Limited Edition VHS!

Mrparka Review's "Demon Queen" (SOV Horror)

One of the new Massacre Video titles debuted at Cinema Wasteland and here is my review. Demon Queen is a short and is pretty straight forward on it ...

Demon Queen: Tarnished Halo By Kayden McLeod

Fantasy Book Trailer: Demons and Angels.

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