Nyayavidhi Trailer

Nyayavidhi Trailer (1986)

14 September 1986 Drama, Action, Crime

Paramu and Johnie are friends who manage to frame Unnithan, a local businessman, for a murder committed by Johnie. With a friendly policeman's help, Johnie manages to appropriate a large chunk of Unnithan's unaccounted wealth and becomes a successful businessman himself. Paramu, meanwhile, continues to work as the henchman for another businessman McPherson, who asks him to hide Rs. 1 crore (10 million) of unaccounted money for a period of two months. Paramu entrusts the money to Johnie, but the two fall out because of Unnithan's daughter for whom Paramu has a soft corner but who is now a prostitute because of Johnie's machinations. Johnie convinces McPherson that Paramu has eloped with the money, and the two join hands to eliminate Paramu and retrieve the money.

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as Paramu

Lalu Alex

as Kavil Johnie

P. Sukumaran Nair

as McPherson


as Channar




International Releases Dates

India 14 September 1986

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