Rage of Angels: The Story Continues Trailer

Rage of Angels: The Story Continues Trailer (1986)

02 November 1986 Drama, TV Movie 190 mins

Jennifer's life changes when Warner, now Vice President of the United States, decides to see her and her son, Joshua. At the same time, Jennifer is unaware that James Moretti, an underworld figure, holds her responsible for the death of his brother. Moretti determines to blackmail her and Warner into halting a Justice Department indictment against another underworld figure. Further complicating Jennifer's life is her mother, who abandoning her as a child, reappears with a new identity, Marchesa Allabrandi.

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Jaclyn Smith

as Jennifer Parker

Ken Howard

as Adam J. Warner

Michael Nouri

as James Moretti

Susan Sullivan

as Mary Beth Warner

Mason Adams

as Father Francis Ryan

Linda Dano

as Margot Delefont

Brad Dourif

as Seymour Bourne

Angela Lansbury

as Marchesa Allabrandi

Philip Bosco

as Thomas Colfax

International Releases Dates

United States 02 November 1986

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Available on DVD through But Hell hath no fury like the Rage of Based on the bestselling novel by Sidney Sheldon the story continues with a shocking

Rage of Angels: The Story Continues (1986) Official Movie ( With English Subtitles )

Watch Rage of Angels: The Story Continues Now ▻[[[^^^^]]] Jennifer's life changes when Warner now Vice President of the United States decides to see her and

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