The Zero Boys Trailer

The Zero Boys Trailer (1986)

"Dawn Of A New Breed Of Heroes" 01 January 1986 Horror, Action, Thriller 89 mins

A group of friends travel to a wilderness area to play a survival game. Soon they unexpectedly find themselves in a real-life survival situation.

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Fred C. Perry

Fred C. Perry Director of Photography

Isabelle Mastorakis

Isabelle Mastorakis Executive Producer

John Michaels

John Michaels Associate Producer

International Releases Dates

Australia 31 October 1986

United Kingdom 26 March 1986

United States 01 January 1986

Production Companies

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The Zero Boys (1986) Trailer

Trailer to the 1986 film "The Zero Boys" directed by Nico Mastorakis.

The Zero Boys (1986)

Director: Nico Mastorakis Writers: Robert Gilliam Nico Mastorakis (screenplay) | 2 more credits Stars: Daniel Hirsch Kelli Maroney Nicole Rio | See full cast & crew.

The Zero Boys Original Trailer (Nico Mastorakis 1986)

Order in the UK: Order in the US: From cult director Nico Mastorakis the man behind such eclectic offerings as the controversial Island of

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Classic 80's horror movie from Nico Mastorakis. When a trio of weekend survivalists (known as "The Zero Boys") and their girlfriends take a leisure trip into the mountains they

The Zero Boys Trailer

Trailer for the Nico Mastorakis cult classic Zero Boys.

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