Angel Dust Trailer

Angel Dust Trailer (1987)

18 March 1987 Action, Thriller, Crime 95 mins

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Bernard Giraudeau

as l'inspecteur Simon Blount

Fanny Bastien

as Violetta

Fanny Cottençon

as Martine Blount

Michel Aumont

as le commissaire Florimont

Jean-Pierre Sentier

as Georges Landry

Luc Lavandier

as Gabriel Spielmacher

Yveline Ailhaud

as La mère


Dominique Colladant

Dominique Colladant Special Effects

Bernard Lutic

Bernard Lutic Director of Photography

Martine Rapin

Martine Rapin Costume Design

International Releases Dates

France 18 March 1987

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