Fight for Life Trailer

Fight for Life Trailer (1987)

23 March 1987 Drama

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Jerry Lewis

as Dr. Bernard Abrams

Morgan Freeman

as Dr. Sherard

Jaclyn-Rose Lester

as Felice Abrams (as Jaclyn Bernstein)

Gerard Parkes

as Father Robert Hunt

Patty Duke

as Shirley Abrams

Barry Morse

as Dr. Whalley

Robert Benson

as Dr. Keith

International Titles

Mein Kind darf nicht sterben Trailer

International Releases Dates

United States 23 March 1987

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Fight for Life full hd movie trailer.

Fight for life (1987) - Jerry Lewis Patty Duke

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The Fight for Life

The Fight for Life - FDR Presidential Library 1940 - Video 352 - Directed by Pare Lorentz. Review Summary: The Fight for Life was documentary filmmaker Pare Lorentz' first "dramatic" film...

Fight for Life- Action Movie | English

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