I'll Take Manhattan Trailer

I'll Take Manhattan Trailer (1987)

01 March 1987 Drama, TV Movie 375 mins

Maxi Amberville tries to save the magazine empire her father built, but her treacherous uncle stands in her way.

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Valerie Bertinelli

as Maxime 'Maxi' Amberville (Cipriani)

Barry Bostwick

as Zachary Amberville

Francesca Annis

as Lily Amberville (née Adamsfield)

Jane Kaczmarek

as Nina Stern

Jack Scalia

as Rocco Cipriani

Paul Hecht

as Pavka Mayer

Tim Daly

as Toby Amberville

Julianne Moore

as India West

Adam Storke

as Justin Amberville

Perry King

as Cutter Amberville

Ken Olin

as Nat Lammerman

Kate Vernon

as Nanette Alexander

Brett Cullen

as Dennis Brady

Lynne Griffin

as Candice Alexander

Georgia Slowe

as Young Lily

Adam LeFevre

as Jumbo Booker

International Releases Dates

United States 01 March 1987

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I'll Take Manhattan - MiniSeries intro and end credits

Soapy 1986 mini-séries starring (the then little known)Julianne Moore. Iconic tune sung by the great Ella Fitzgerald.

I'll Take Manhattan March 2 1987 Closing

Here's the closing to Part 2 of the CBS Miniseries "I'll Take Manhattan" from March 2 1987. I wonder if I can make it to 700 videos by New Years Eve.

WCBS 1987 I'll Take Manhattan Commercial

This is a 1987 commercial for I'll Take Manhattan that aired on WCBS Channel 2 during a commercial break of Neil Again on 2/25/87.

Chris Noth in "I'll Take Manhattan"

I hardly recognized him in this miniseries.

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