Inaam Dus Hazaar Trailer

Inaam Dus Hazaar Trailer (1987)

01 January 1987

Kamal Malhotra lives a struggling life with his mom and is employed as a salesman with retailers for a product called "Godrej", a famous hair dye. His life take a new turn when he is abducted, beaten, blind-fold and taken to a strange place with orders to have him killed but somehow he manages to flee from the killers. And then he begins a man hunt for one of the killers, whose voice he can recognize. His searches gets him framed for the brutal murder of a man called Mr. Narottam, and is arrested by the police but manages to escape and decides to leave the city via train. While on the train Kamal meets a beautiful young woman, Sonia Mehra and after a few misunderstandings both fall in love. But what Kamal does not know is that Sonia have links with a notorious smuggler, captain S.P. Singh, who is responsible for getting Kamal framed and to make matters worse the captain has plan to kill Kamal with the help of Sonia.

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India 01 January 1987

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Inaam Dus Hazaar full hd movie trailer.

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Inaam Dus Hazaar full hd movie trailer.

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