Power, Passion And Murder Trailer

Power, Passion And Murder Trailer (1987)

06 November 1987 Drama, Thriller 88 mins

In the 1930's an aging film producer and his much younger wife live separate lives. Whenever a young starlet catches the husband's eye, he eventually manipulates her onto his casting couch. Natica Jackson (Michelle Pfeiffer) is a Hollywood star who is far from innocent, but she finds herself falling in love with a married man who has several children.

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Michelle Pfeiffer

as Natica Jackson

Héctor Elizondo

as Morris King

George Murdock

as Bud Loring

Holland Taylor

as Ernestine King


Paul Bogart


International Titles

Eine Liebe in Hollywood Trailer

Tales from the Hollywood Hills Natica Jackson Trailer

International Releases Dates

United States 06 November 1987

Production Companies

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Power Passion and Murder - Trailer 1987 Movie

Official Website: Facebook: Set in a frenetic shallow Hollywood of the '30's this is the story of a rising young starlet whose

Power Passion And Murder (1987) Movie HD Trailer

Power, Passion And Murder full hd movie trailer.

Tales from the Hollywood Hills: Natica Jackson - Power Passion & Murder (Film Noir)

Presented here for historical purposes only. 30th Anniversary! A Hollywood actress who worries that the movie world is eroding her grip on reality is drawn into a love affair with an

Power Passion and Murder

Hollywood life and the deception and corruption that follows and then pure love that can lead to pure murder.

Power Passion and Murder sample

Set in 1930's Hollywood the story centers on a young actress whose career is on the upswing and things seem to be going her way. A chance meeting with a married man sparks a passion that

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