Slam Dance Trailer

Slam Dance Trailer (1987)

"Hot kiss. Cold sweat. Last chance. Slamdance." 02 October 1987 Thriller, Mystery 99 mins

An artist, framed for the murder of a woman, is drawn into a web of corruption, blackmail and deceit.

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Tom Hulce

as C.C. Drood

Virginia Madsen

as Yolanda Caldwell

Don Keith Opper

as Buddy (as Don Opper)

Adam Ant

as Jim Campbell

Harry Dean Stanton

as Det. Benjamin Smiley

John Doe

as Det. John Gilbert

Lin Shaye

as Librarian

Millie Perkins

as Bobby Nye

Rosalind Chao

as Mrs. Margaret Bell

Lisa Niemi

as Mrs. Adrienne Schell


Wayne Wang


International Releases Dates

Germany 16 March 1990

United States 02 October 1987

Production Companies

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Slam Dance full hd movie trailer.

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Slam Dance full hd movie trailer.

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My favorite scene from the 80s-tastic trainwreck that is Slam Dance. Drood (Tom Hulce) needs his wife's (Mary Elizabeth Mastrantino) help and discovers that she is having an affair with

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