As Tears Go By Trailer

As Tears Go By Trailer (1988)

09 June 1988 Drama, Action, Thriller 102 mins

Two parallel stories of Wah caught in the mist of a love affair with his beloved cousin, Ngor and his relationship with his triad brother, Fly, who seems to never fall out of trouble.

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Andy Lau

as Ah Wah

Maggie Cheung

as Ah Ngor

To-hoi Kong

as Fat Carl

Wong Aau

as Mabel

Andy Lau

as Wah

Wong Kim-Fung

as Tony's thug

Lam Kau

as Uncle Ba

Benz Kong

as Fat Carl

Kan Tat-Wah

as Big Mouth Kay

William Chang Suk-Ping

as Ngor's doctor

Wai Ching

as Uncle Kwan

International Titles

As Tears Go By Trailer

El fluir de las lágrimas Trailer

Wong gok ka moon Trailer

旺角卡門 Trailer

International Releases Dates

Hong Kong 09 June 1988

Korea 04 October 1989

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