Kiki's Delivery Service Trailer

Kiki's Delivery Service Trailer (1989)

"I was feeling blue, but I'm better now." 29 July 1989 Adventure, Fantasy, Animated 103 mins

A young witch, on her mandatory year of independent life, finds fitting into a new community difficult while she supports herself by running an air courier service.

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Minami Takayama

as Kiki / Ursula

Rei Sakuma

as Jiji

Keiko Toda

as Osono

Mieko Nobusawa

as Kokiri, Kiki's mother

Kôichi Miura

as Okino, Kiki's Dad

Haruko Kato

as Rô-fujin (Madame)

Hiroko Seki

as Barsa

Kouichi Yamadera

as Bakery worker, policeman

Kôichi Yamadera

as Bakery worker, policeman

Kikuko Inoue

as Beautiful designer girl

Yuuko Kobayashi

as Young sempai witch

Mika Doi

as Ketto's mother

Takaya Hashi

as Ketto's father


Morihisa Takagi

Morihisa Takagi Executive Producer

Eiko Tanaka

Eiko Tanaka Producer

Yasuyoshi Tokuma

Yasuyoshi Tokuma Executive Producer

Mikihiko Tsuzuki

Mikihiko Tsuzuki Executive Producer

Joe Hisaishi

Original Music Composer

Shigeo Sugimura

Shigeo Sugimura Cinematography

Hinoshi Ono

Hinoshi Ono Production Design

Hiroshi Ohno

Hiroshi Ohno Art Direction

Kaoru Tanifuji

Kaoru Tanifuji Special Effects

International Titles

El delivery de Kiki Trailer

Kiki Entregas A Domicilio Trailer

Доставките на Кики Trailer

O Serviço de Entregas da Kiki Trailer

Kiki la petite sorcière Trailer

Kiki Entregas A Domicilio Trailer

Kiki: Entregas a domicilio Trailer

Kikis kleiner Lieferservice Trailer

Kiki Den Lille Heks Trailer

Kiki Entregas A Domicilio Trailer

Kiki: Entregas a domicilio Trailer

Nicky, la Aprendiz de Bruja Trailer

Kikin lähettipalvelu Trailer

Kiki la petite sorcière Trailer

Kiki's Delivery Service Trailer

魔女宅急便 Trailer

Il servizio consegne della strega Trailer

Majo no takkyûbin Trailer

Majo no Takkyuubin Trailer

마녀 배달부 키키 Trailer

Kiki Entregas A Domicilio Trailer

Kiki: Entregas a domicilio Trailer

Kiki Entregas A Domicilio Trailer

Kiki: Entregas a domicilio Trailer

Kiki - A Aprendiz de Feiticeira Trailer

Kikin servis za dostavu Trailer

Ведьмина служба доставки Trailer

魔女宅急便 Trailer

Kiki's Delivery Service Trailer

Kiki's Delivery Service (1984) Trailer

Studio Ghibli - Kiki's Delivery Service Trailer

International Releases Dates

Australia 09 August 1996

Germany 14 November 2005

Denmark 29 April 2008

Spain 31 March 2004

France 10 November 2003

United Kingdom 10 November 2003

Korea 22 November 2007

United States 23 May 1998

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