Red Dawn Trailer

Red Dawn Trailer (1989)

10 February 1989 Drama, Thriller 96 mins

October 2, 1968 in Mexico City. There's only ten days for the Olympic Games and a small student's revolt has turned into a major political turmoil. A meeting will be carry out that day in Tlatelolco (the largest housing complex in the city) and the situation is extremely tense. A typical middle-class mexican family (living in Tlatelolco) will be tragically involved in the events, when the meeting is brutally interrupted by the army and hundreds of people are killed in the square in front of their apartment building. Written by Maximiliano Maza

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Héctor Bonilla

as Humberto

Jorge Fegán

as Don Roque

María Rojo

as Alicia

Ademar Arau

as Carlos

Bruno Bichir

as Sergio

Marta Aura

as Neighbour

Eduardo Palomo

as Injured Boy

Carlos Cardán

as Second Liutenant

Paloma Robles

as Graciela

Rafael Pérez

as Student 1

Santiago Nuñez

as Student 2


Eduardo Roel

Original Music Composer

Karen Roel

Karen Roel Musical

Karen Roel

Original Music Composer

Miguel Garzón

Miguel Garzón Director of Photography

Sigfrido García Jr.

Sigfrido García Jr. Post Production Supervisor

José Luis Garduño

José Luis Garduño Production Design

Helmut Greisser

Helmut Greisser Production Design

Helmut Greisser

Helmut Greisser Set Decoration

Mario Sanchez

Mario Sanchez Set Decoration

Denise Romero

Denise Romero Costume Design

Laura Bonilla

Laura Bonilla Makeup Artist

Jorge Fons


International Releases Dates

Mexico 10 February 1989

Production Companies

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