Aag Ka Gola Trailer

Aag Ka Gola Trailer (1990)

01 January 1990 180 mins

Young Shankar is framed for a theft he did not commit. He escapes from police and runs into his mother's arms. When Shankar's mother sees Shankar being arrested by police, she dies due to shock. Shankar escapes from the police and ends up working for criminal don Raja Babu. He is now known as 'Shaka'. One day Raja Babu ask Shaka to abduct a child. The child's mother dies due to shock. This reminds Shaka(Shankar) of his own mother dying due to shock. He repents, surrenders to police and is sent to jail for 5 years. His three years punishment is condoned when he saves the life of a visiting parliamentarian. After being released from jail, he decides to live the life of an ordinary civilian and works as a garage mechanic. He meets Aarti, falls in love and they marry. But Shankars past starts haunting him to such an extent that he sees no choice except joining the crime gang of Raja Babu.

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Aag Ka Gola Video Song - Sunny Deol Dimple Kapadia Shakti Kapoor Prem - Bollywood Movie Songs

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Dance song from action movie Aag Ka Gola (1989) starring Sunny Deol Dimple Kapadia Archana Puransingh Shakti Kapoor Prem Chopra Shammi Kapoor Director: David Dhawan Music Director:

Aag Ka Gola

Tejaswini (Satnam Kaur) is jailer and Jabor Singh (Vinod Tripathy) is in Jail. One fine day he runs from jail and kills Tejaswini's family except Munna (Master Aakash) to take revenge.

Aag Ka Gola - Sunny Deol Shabbir Kumar Aag Ka Gola Song

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Aag Ka Gola (1990)

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