Baby Blood Trailer

Baby Blood Trailer (1990)

"It's time to feed the baby." 01 January 1990 Horror, Comedy, Foreign 82 mins

A parasite crawls into the uterus of an abused woman (Yanka) and begins to demands human blood.

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François Frappier

as Leopard Deliveryman

Thierry Le Portier

as Le dompteur

Rémy Roubakha

as Passenger in Taxi

Eric Averlant

as Driver of Car

Alain Robak

as Voix du monstre

Alain Chabat

as Passer by

Jean-Claude Romer

as Howling Man

Jean-Yves Lafesse

as Le conducteur du poids lourd

International Titles

Baby Blood Trailer

International Releases Dates

Germany 04 September 1991

United States 01 January 1990

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Baby Blood (1990) - Trailer (HQ)

Directed by Alain Robak AKA "The Evil Within"

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Baby blood AKA The evil within

Baby Blood (1990) Movie Review

My review of an older French Horror film Baby Blood Score - / 5.



BABY BLOOD (Trailer español)

Año: 1990 Director: Alain Robak Actores: Emmanuelle Escourrou Christian Sinniger Jean-François Gallotte Roselyne Geslot Sinopsis: Una joven embarazada que sabe que es portadora de

Blood Shower - Baby Blood - Uncut Trailer German

Angela ist schwanger...

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