Gipsy Angel Trailer

Gipsy Angel Trailer (1990)

01 January 1990 90 mins

A really crappy singer who thinks too highly of herself gets betrayed by her record label and her gross Italian stud.

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Al Festa


International Titles

La seducción de tu piel Trailer

Çingene Melek Trailer

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Italy 01 January 1990

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Retro TV: MTV - Gipsy Angel (1990) - Opening credits

Retro TV: MTV: Gipsy Angel (1990) (ЦИГАНСКИ АНГЕЛ) Opening credits Director: Al Festa. Cast: Carroll Baker Danja Gazzara Angel. Opening credits of the Italian movie "Gipsy Angel"...

al festa official trailer Gipsy Angel

trailer film GIPSY ANGEL regia AL FESTA produzione STEFANIA STELLA rock musical cast ANGEL CARROL BAKER DANJA GAZZARA VASSILI KARIS LEO DANIEL musicale ambientato nel mondo dei

Gipsy Angel (1990) - Al & The Magic Flowers

During this scene in Al Festa's 1990 film "Gipsy Angel" Al himself makes a cameo as a nightclub performer playing a pitchshifted version of Kristal's "Mango Tree" as plastic flowers

Gipsy Angel (1990) - Metallo Italia/Freddy Krueger "cameos"

One fascinating short sequence in Al Festa's 1990 film "Gipsy Angel" takes place in a shop where Francisco (Leo Daniel) is looking for information on who is responsible for the titular Angel'

Sammy Luck - Gipsy Angel (AOR Soundtrack Rarity)

Gipsy Angel full hd movie trailer.

Al Festa - Gipsy Angel

bonus track from the Fatal Frames dvd.

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