Sibling Rivalry Trailer

Sibling Rivalry Trailer (1990)

"She Did It And Boy Is She Sorry" 26 October 1990 Comedy, Romance 87 mins

Marjorie Turner is suffocating. Her younger sister Jeanine has no ambition, and her 8 year marriage to Harry puts her in constant competition with his family (all doctors)..

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Kirstie Alley

as Marjorie Turner

Bill Pullman

as Nicholas Meany

Carrie Fisher

as Iris Turner-Hunter

Jami Gertz

as Jeanine

Scott Bakula

as Harry Turner

Frances Sternhagen

as Rose Turner

John Randolph

as Charles Turner, Sr.

Sam Elliott

as Charles Turner, Jr.

Ed O'Neill

as Wilbur Meany

Matthew Laurance

as Dr. Casey Hunter

Paul Benedict

as Dr. Plotner


Carl Reiner


Don Miller

Don Miller Producer

Durinda Wood

Durinda Wood Costume Design

Jeannine Oppewall

Jeannine Oppewall Production Design

Reynaldo Villalobos

Reynaldo Villalobos Director of Photography

George Shapiro

George Shapiro Executive Producer

Howard West

Howard West Executive Producer

International Titles

L'Amour dans de beaux draps Trailer

International Releases Dates

Germany 03 January 1991

France 16 January 1991

United States 26 October 1990

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Sibling Rivalry (1990)

Click Watch Now Movie Here !!! Marjorie Turner is suffocating. Her younger sister Jeanine has no ambition and her 8 year marriage to Harry puts her in constant competition with his

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