Thalayanamanthram Trailer

Thalayanamanthram Trailer (1990)

01 January 1990 Family

Thalayanamanthram is a movie about the jealousies of a woman who convinces her husband to live beyond their means.

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as Sukumaran


as Kanchana


as Shilaja


as Paru Ammayi


as T.G. Daniel


as Thankappan


as Kunjanandan Mesthiri


as Sulochana Thankappan

Meena Kumari

as Gigi Daniel

Oduvil Unnikrishnan

as Pothuval Mash


as Bhasurachandran

International Releases Dates

India 01 January 1990

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Thalayanamanthram | Malayalam Superhit Movie | Sreenivasan & Urvashi

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Thalayanamanthram full hd movie trailer.

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Thalayanamanthram full hd movie trailer.

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