The Flying Sneaker Trailer

The Flying Sneaker Trailer (1990)

01 August 1990 Fantasy, Family 84 mins

Little Rehor isn't allowed to play with the other boys. His only friend is the girl next door, Luci. Rehor's father is doctor on a boat and he has sent Rehor a package with butterfly larvae. When they hatch he discover a fairy who can do magic tricks.

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Jaromír Hanzlík

as Père d'Alex

Josf Hervert

as Vincent

Jan Hrušínský

as Père de Lucie

Jiřina Jirásková

as Directrice de l'école

Alena Kreuzmannová

as Gouvernante

Adam Novak

as Pierrot

Lenka Skopalová

as Mère de Lucie

Lubor Tokoš

as Grand-Père d'Alex

Adam Novák

as Pierrot

International Releases Dates

Canada 01 January 1992

Czech Republic 01 August 1990

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finally i found this movie but in russian.

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En esta fantasía checa que se combina la acción viva y la animación stop motion Alex (Ludek Navratil) es un muchacho jóven cuyo padre está lejos en un viaje largo del océano

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