The German Chainsaw Massacre Trailer

The German Chainsaw Massacre Trailer (1990)

29 November 1990 Horror, Comedy, Thriller 63 mins

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Susanne Bredehöft

as Claras Mann

Artur Albrecht

as Claras Liebhaber

Alfred Edel

as Alfred

Brigitte Kausch

as Brigitte

Udo Kier

as Jonny

Irm Hermann

as Zöllnerin

Eva-Maria Kurz

as Zöllnerin

Ingrid Raguschke

as Zöllnerin

Kurt Wiedemann

as Zöllner

Sergej Gleithmann

as Ossus (as Volker Bertzky)

International Titles

Das deutsche Kettensägen Massaker Trailer

The German Chainsaw Massacre Trailer

Blackest Heart Trailer

International Releases Dates

Germany 29 November 1990

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Das Deutsche Kettensägen Massaker (The German Chainsaw Massacre) - Trailer

Das Deutsche Kettensägen Massaker (The German Chainsaw Massacre) - Trailer

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