Afsana Pyar Ka Trailer

Afsana Pyar Ka Trailer (1991)

18 April 1991 Drama, Romance, Foreign 145 mins

Animosity has existed between the families of Raj and Nikita's respective fathers. But their children have grown up without any knowledge of this animosity. They meet in college, and after a few misunderstandings both fall in love with each other. They plan to marry, and accordingly inform their respective families of their plans. Both the families view this alliance with anger, and refuse to bless the young couple. Raj and Nikita have one choice - marry the person their respective families' have selected for them - or elope.

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Deepak Tijori

as Deepak

Rakesh Bedi

as Rakesh


International Releases Dates

India 18 April 1991

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Afsana Pyar Ka - Aamir Khan | Full HD Bollywood Romantic Movie

Two college students (Aamir Khan Neelam) meet and fall in love unaware of their respective families' mutual animosity.

Afsana Pyar Ka 1991

song; Afsana Pyar Ka Movie ; Afsana Pyar Ka.

nazarein mili-afsana pyar ka(1991)

first time on youtube- video showing true indian romance (starring aamir khan and neelam).

Afsana Pyar Ka 1991 Hindi Movie Watch Online Online Watch Movies Free2

Afsana Pyar Ka full hd movie trailer.

Afsana Pyar Ka Audio Songs Jukebox | Aamir Khan Neelam Bappi Lahiri

Press Play & Enjoy 90's melodious music from the superhit movie 'Afsana Pyar Ka' staring Aamir Khan & Neelam. Listen to all the songs in one go or click on your favourite song. Movie

Yaad Teri Aati Hai...Afsana Pyar Ka (1991)

Film:Afsana Pyar Ka Singer:Asha Bhosle Lyricist:Sameer Music Director:Bappi Lahiri Film cast:Aamir Khan Neelam Kothari Deepak Tijori Year:1991.

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