Dancer Trailer

Dancer Trailer (1991)

22 August 1991 153 mins

Malti witnesses a physical altercation between her husband and Rai Bahadur Brijbhushan Sharma, as a result of which her husband gets knifed and killed. As she tries to take the knife out, the Police arrive, arrest her, and hold her in a cell. It is here that Brijbhushan visits her and warns her not to testify against him as he will kill her son, Raju. Malti accepts full responsibility of her husband's death, is found guilty, and sentenced to 14 years in jail. After her discharge, she is released and finds out that Raju is now known as Raja is very popular dancer and singer. She also gets to meet Radha and her brother, Dattu, who are looking after Raju, and hopes that her son will eventually marry Radha. She subsequently comes to know that Raju loves Priya, who is the daughter of none other than Brijbhushan. Malti is not ready to expose Brijbhushan as her husband's killer - she has other plans for him, and none of her plans include Priya as her future daughter-in-law.

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Akshay Kumar

as Raju 'Raja'

Kirti Singh

as Radha - Dattu's sister

Mohnish Behl

as Mohnish

Mahesh Anand

as Mohnish's goon

Anjana Mumtaz

as Malti Devi

Dalip Tahil

as Rai Bahadur Brijbhushan Sharma

Anand Balraj

as Malti's husband


as Priya B. Sharma

Sudhir Dalvi

as Dattu's father

Viju Khote

as Dhasukh Ghotale

Gurbachchan Singh

as Georgie Dada

Ram Mohan

as Judge


Nawab Arzoo

Nawab Arzoo Dialogue

International Releases Dates

India 22 August 1991

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