Earth Angel Trailer

Earth Angel Trailer (1991)

"Heaven has to wait." 04 March 1991 Fantasy, Comedy 92 mins

When a prom queen dies in 1962, her only means of entering Heaven is by returning to 1990 earth, to assist friends from her youth.

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Roddy McDowall

as Mr. Tatum

Mark Hamill

as Wayne Stein

International Releases Dates

United States 04 March 1991

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Earth Angel 1991


Earth Angel Trailer

Earth Angel Trailer.

EARTH ANGEL Official Teaser Trailer 1 2017

When a wealthy fanatic schemes to use a biological weapon to destroy all life on Earth and prematurely usher in the End Times it's up to grieving genius William Pierce to stop him --

Earth Angel (1991) Full Movie

When a prom queen dies in 1962 her only means of entering Heaven is by returning to 1990 earth to assist friends from her youth.

MacGyver & Earth Angel 1991 ABC Promo

Promo for ABC's March 4 1991 prime time lineup of "MacGyver" and the made-for-TV film "Earth Angel" on the Monday Night Movie.

The Temptations - Earth Angel - Tony (Movie version)


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