Killing Streets Trailer

Killing Streets Trailer (1991)

23 October 1991 106 mins

A young Marine is kidnapped by terrorists in Lebanon. His twin brother, frustrated at his inability to get any kind of information from the government about his brother's plight, travels to Lebanon with a plan for his own rescue operation.

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Michael Paré

as Chris/Craig Brandt


International Releases Dates

United States 23 October 1991

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killing streets trailer

Recorded on September 21 2008 using a Flip Video camcorder.

Killing Streets Trailer

"The scene is Liberty City. Twice every three days another citizen is shot stabbed or bludgeoned to death. At the centre of this hurricane of crime is the city's Homicide unit a small

Killing Streets / Улици на смъртта (1991)

Абонирайте се за да следите първи филмите с бг аудио и да ги сваляте ако искате.

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High-End-Low-Budget-Boxthriller mit Berliner Topsynchro (allerdings NUR IM TRAILER): Ulrich Griessiker Manfred Lehmann sowie Randolf Kronberg als Trailersprecher deluxe! Auf deutsch nur

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