Legend of the Dragon Trailer

Legend of the Dragon Trailer (1991)

07 March 1991 Comedy 96 mins

Chow plays a naive young kung fu student who leaves his rural home on a small island to find his fortune in Hong Kong under the dubious guidance of his uncle (Leung Kar Yan) who cons him into using his natural skills as a snooker player for financial gain. This film also starred six-time world snooker finalist Jimmy White as Chow’s final opponent.

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Stephen Chow

as Chow Siu-Lung

Leung Kar-Yan

as Uncle Yun / Mo Yan

Yuen Wah

as Master Chow Fei-Hung

Lee Hoi-Sang

as Blind temple keeper

Lung Fong

as Boss Fong

Amy Yip

as Boutique boss

Corey Yuen Kwai

as Policeman

Jimmy White

as Himself

Kwok Chi-Ho

as Himself

Felix Lok Ying-Kwan

as Fong's realtor

Shing Fui-On

as Fong's man

James Ha

as James, Fong's man

Ricky Yi Fan-Wai

as Fong's man

International Titles

龙的传人 Trailer

Legend of the Dragon Trailer

龍的傳人 Trailer

도성타왕 Trailer

Legend of Dragon Trailer

International Releases Dates

Hong Kong 07 March 1991

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Legend of the Dragon (1991) DVD Trailer 龍的傳人

Legend of the Dragon full hd movie trailer.

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