Mukha Chithram Trailer

Mukha Chithram Trailer (1991)

12 July 1991 Drama

Siddique, a local school teacher has Jayaram a street musician pretend to be a qualified band master for his school band, which leads them to tell many lies and have problems in keeping the act up.

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Jayaram Subramaniam

as Mathukutty / Sethumadhavan


as Savithrikutty / Lakshmikutty


as Kannan


as Sunanda

Jagathy Sreekumar

as Govinda Menon


as M. K. Pushkaran

Nedumudi Venu

as Fr. Felix


as Sunanda's Father

N. L. Balakrishnan

as Bahuleya Kurup

International Releases Dates

India 12 July 1991

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Mukha chithram

Mukha Chithram full hd movie trailer.

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Mukha Chithram full hd movie trailer.

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Mukha Chithram full hd movie trailer.

dhanam ധനം malayalam movie songs | Mukha Chithram മുഖചിത്രം malayalam movie song | yesudas hit songs

ധനം മലയാളം മൂവി This article is about the 1991 Malayalam film. For the 2008 Tamil film see Dhanam (2008 film). Dhanam (Malayalam: ധനം) is a Malayalam

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